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The story itself is simple, easy to follow and is actually quite scary if you think about it… But the BFG and his dreams give the story a whimsical twist.

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It even has a love triangle! That and the fact that I was expecting a proper sci-fi story, and encountered myself with mostly a family drama with a lot of romance and only a hint of sci-fi instead… Definitely not what I had in mind when I started this time travel story. It took me a while to get into the story and get a proper feel for the plot and characters. The warming up was slow, but once I did my feelings soared. I need to know what happens to Lada, Radu and Mehmed!

Title: Closer Author: K. The writing style is spot on and makes you fly through it! Why not five stars?

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Femme Faux Fatale. Keep an eye out for coffee product placements. This is searingly surreal and at the same time movingly poetic and tragically real…. What is the full story of forbidden love hidden under the roses? An Army of Noses. Bobby A. To his rescue comes the most unlikely person: Jesse Brown, the Sheriff of Snow Lake, the gorgeous jock Clayton had dreamt of in high school.

I think it has a lot to do with the predictability of the plot; sadly I was able to see the final twist coming from a mile away, or at least a big part of it. I guess I wished I would have been wrong about it all, but in the end my instincts were right. The ending was also quite abrupt to me, and I would have liked to see a more elaborated one. The writing is excellent, the suspense well crafted and it brings attention to two very important topics eating disorder and bullying. Emma and Shaun realized their marriage no longer worked, but decided to keep living in the same house to give their daughter Maisie a stable homefront.

They have worked out a routine that worked for both of them… Until Shaun falls in love again and wants to move on with his life. Does Emma just see things or is there really something shady going on? Slater , and has only reconfirmed to me I will always have my eyes out for any of her feature reads.

While not perfect, since I guessed part of the final reveals early on and found the ending a bit abrupt, the plot is still well crafted and the creation of the suspense is spot on. If you are a fan of the genre, I can highly recommend all of her books. A lot had to do with the fact that somehow the main characters and their negative attitude started to frustrate me, and maybe also with the fact that I saw part of the final reveal coming quite early on. That said, the writing was as solid as always as well as the construction of the plot and plot twists.

Strange, captivating. Instead, the strangeness and beautiful descriptions took me on a journey along with the main characters, enjoying my time discovering what exactly was going on. You will come out both exhausted by everything that happens to the main character and having learned more about the Cuban Revolutions and its effects on the locals.

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Closer by K. And the author did an excellent job at describing the city of Florence and the setting in general. It almost felt I was there along with the main characters! The New York Times.

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