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I've become quite good at conquering rumination, but I need to work hard at it sometimes. My strategy of going for photowalks around the suburbs is a great distractor AND creative. I also sometimes meet people or they ask what I'm doing and I've had some great conversations. It makes me giggle, but I feel good doing it!

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I was recently doing psychotherapy due to this I think i also like doing something good to somebody, that will definately make me feel happy and forget about rumination. I have one question though, what in your opinion would one do if i ruminate also when I am faced with a choice of two things? Even buying a pair of shoes, I spend hours deciding between two This almost kills me..

Hi Stella, I've done this very same thing for years, so you're not alone, and you're not crazy for feeling this way. I broke the habit as I realized ruminating, or distressing over something that had happened, something I had no control over, things I could not change, was pretty much "controlling" my life.

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So I took a stand, with much focus and practice, and said "enough". I kept thinking "why should I allow this thing that happened control me for the rest of my life and make me miserable"? It just doesn't make sense. And the person, object, thing, situation, event, whatever happened, has moved on and I'm not in that time frame any longer so why continue to keep it alive when it's over, gone, finished? Making the decision to stop worrying about things was tough. It took a lot of practice. I know I'm worth something, confident, skilled, decent, and I can figure my way out of this.

I started exercising, reading , in my case, computer aided drafting and some engineering books. It bolstered my "feel good" self, and helped me to move forward. In other words, find something that interests you, find some new hobbies, find a few new friends. Complete some things you've let slide without finishing, and complete them.

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You will feel so much better. Maybe change your hairstyle, buy yourself a nice outfit, treat yourself to a dinner out, maybe inviting a friend, and go dutch. You, and I, have a purpose for being on this earth. Figure out what that is and move towards self-improvement. I have decided I'm not going to let the past bring me down any more. Not going to let it trouble me so bad that I can't function. With each success comes the gift of self-fulfillment and self-satisfaction. Others will notice and make comments which will serve to boost your spirits as well.

First of all I cant thank you enough for taking the time to post your reply I am not sure and I don't think I was ever like this..

Religious OCD Subtype

Mark you, I am not disrespectful towards religion or religious persons. If I were, I'd be alienated from most of my family, relatives, friends and. So, what's it like to struggle with Religious OCD? Rumination means that the intrusive/ distressing thoughts, questions doubts are mulled over.

At the same time I was also going through a change of jobs and a change of countries. It took me forever to decide and even after I did make up my mind I was always thinking whether I had made the right decision.

Religious Obsessions in OCD

Now I feel glad I did as I have had so many new experiences in my life, and have visited so many countries that I have no doubt about it. I made myself busy too, I exercise quite a lot, always ahve been, I love reading, I go out a lot and I socialise, have a lot of friends around the globe, and this job makes me meet more and moer people. I am glad I took stand and took this job when I was going further downhill.. James I like the fact that you took the stand to say enough is enough, and that some events in our past.. As in my case.

And we do tend to blame ourselves dont we?? And thats when rumination started for me I think. What really upsets me is the one event changed the way I think about things I always want to do the right thing and make the right decision, as I said, even on a simple dress or pair of shoes I freeze when I am faced with this Last year I actually took stand for a while However, this rumination I only lately got to know about this word sometimes creeps in I was low, very low for a while.

And then the past comes back to you and all those dreadful moments in your life. I understand that, whilst some people forget aobut a situation in a week, my case is different.. I dont tend to forget very easily, regardless of what happens in my life. I know this. But slowly and eventually I also know that that 'low' time will pass and the sun starts shining again.

Its tough though, when you over think too much like me.. Last and not least, I really like your words of courage. I keep reading your message over and over again. We always think that we are alone, but now I know that there are other people that also have been or are now going, through this. Helping others is something that is of value too. If I see someone help another it actually causes my brain to release serotonin which is the body's natural "feel good" chemical.

Another fact is that if someone else, a 3rd person watches me do a kind deed to another, that serotonin, the "feel good" chemical is released in the 3rd person.

How to Stop Ruminating

A study was done and found this to be true. It sounds far fetched but it's scientifically proven and actually makes sense to me. I know from experience when I see others being nice to people they don't know it make me have faith in mankind, more faith. I will do anything to help others. Talk to them, help them with their worries, give observations, even physical tasks.

It's just part of me. Thank you Stella and Carrie for speaking such kind words. You'll find favor coming your way just for this simple action of writing words. I've been reading Psychology Today since as far back as I can remember. It's always been fascinating. Thank you for this list reminded me that I love colouring in coz it takes my mind off destructive thoughts and I can be creative without too much effort.

Been up all night after heavy session with psychologist yesterday. Hi everyone. Dear Michael, Thanks for sharing. Sounds like you have a deep love and that is great. When you ruminate, know it is a hurtful place to be and try to use the strategies to move your mind. It can be done. Best, Carrie. I ruminate to the point where I feel so hopeless that I cry in private.

I used to ruminate about small things and it was easy to "move my mind". Something happened with my wife after we met but way before we married, we dealt with it then but more facts came to light and the story changed. I'm having such a hard time with it, I'm ruminating about a lot of issues that have happened, issues that we have dealt with and appeared to moved on from.

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It is affecting how we socially interact. I feel trapped, I want to run from my marriage. My wife is supportive but it is taking its toll, she hates that when I ruminate I want to talk about the situation at hand and she hates remembering the events that cause it.

OCD Overview

But after I move on with the ruminating, all I want to do is to be close with my wife. Just today my mind tried to play tricks on me and caused me think something happened when I knew deep down inside that it really didn't.

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I'm trying to get professional help but I fear it won't be enough. Does anyone know of any meds that can help with the process? I've tried most of these tips listed in the article and sometimes it takes trying more than one before I find one trick that works. Dear LikeMided, Keep running. Training yourself to alter your thoughts is useful.