Piloting the Panama Canal: Experiences of a Panama Canal Pilot

Panama Canal to train pilots and tug captains
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Long hours combined with fewer crewmembers, using underpowered tugs, is making a bad situation worse. The new locks opened to much fanfare in June , but delays, cost overruns and accidents have raised persistent questions in Panama and the shipping industry. During a transit in April a U.

Panama Canal to train pilots and tug captains

Investigators from the U. The International Transport Workers Federation called on the authority and the government of Panama to protect worker safety, and filed a complaint with the International Labour Organization, a United Nations agency. The U. He wrote several award-winning stories on marine, environmental, coastal and military issues that helped drive federal and state government policy changes. He lives in West Creek, N.

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It seems very strange that for all the years that the cannel has been in service with the mules that anyone would want to change. With larger ships they should be larger and stronger. Cutting crews should be the lowest on the list. The guides are knowledgeable and the experience was great.

Touching the side of the Panama Canal from our tour boat! Have you cruised the Panama Canal? If so, tell us what you thought about the experience in the comments below. Want to learn more about Panama City, Panama? Two more posts are in the queue to be shared! Be sure to check these groups out! Sounds fascinating. I still have all the paperwork that was involved. We hope to do it one day ourselves. How cool is that?!

What a fabulous trip, made even more fascinating by the fascinating facts you have shared, they are brilliant!

Expanded Panama Canal Still Facing Problems

I love that you touched the panama canal from the boat … definitely a once in a lifetime experience! Nice post. This does look like a really cool time and way more fun than my time looking on from the Miraflores Lock.

That cutting is super impressive! It really was a fun way to experience the Canal! Glad you think the Culebra Cut is as impressive as I did!

A really fascinating post and looks like a real bucket list item to me! Definitely something I would love to do if I ever visit Panama! So glad I could inspire your bucket list a bit! Panama is great and hopefully you will make it there one day!! The Panama Canal is so fascinating along with the facts you mentioned. I did not see the canal like you did from a boat which sounds like fun. I love how you are on Canal time as to how long your cruise will be.

I was able to sit at one of the locks you have pictured and have dinner to watch the sunset and ships go through the locks. After reading your post I think the boat excursion would be a lot more fun! Thanks Stephanie, it was a great way to experience it! But, dinner at the locks sounds pretty cool too!! What an amazing experience! I learned some new facts about the Panama Canal. I would love to go through the canal someday so I pinned this for later!

skatophregades.tk Hey now this looks like a cool thing to see. I would love to go and check out the canal — some great facts too. What a cool trip! For some reason, I thought it would take longer — like a couple of days, at least. Definitely something we want to do, but never thought about a local cruise instead of a big cruiseliner transit. Very cool — we are super jeally! This is the way to go! So glad you were inspired!! What a great experience. We cruised the Yangtze River and went through the locks at the 3 Gorges Dam so have a bit of an idea of the process.

I love the bridge kiss, that is so darn cute. What a fantastic experience — definitely something I would love to try!

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We went through the Canal in April as part of our Uncruise. It really is an amazing experience. I remember being one of those viewers when were in Panama years ago. What an incredible experience! I love cruises and would love to take one that goes through the Panama Canal. What a fantastic way to enjoy this historically significant canal!

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I can totally imagine myself floating around, sipping wine! Loved the interesting facts too, I had no idea there were crocodiles in the murky water! And to go swimming there, wow! These are some great tips!


Surprised that the half day tour ran till 5! Gotta keep that in mind. Customary to kiss your partner as you pass under the bridge — Such a cute practice! By Land And Sea Sustainably exploring the world one vacation day at a time! July 10, Southeast Caribbean Cruise Excursions. July 13, at pm. July 14, at am.